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ChordBadger -
a different approach to practicing

What is ChordBadger?

ChordBadger is a tiny little piece of software that may change your way of practicing the piano. With a midi keyboard connected to your computer, ChordBadger wants to assist you learning the rudiments of music, which are elementary for improvisation.

Each set of ChordBadger exercises is of one of the following lessontypes:

  • 1-note-lessons (learning notes)
  • 2-note-lessons (intervals)
  • 3-note-lessons (triads and their inversions)
  • 4-note-lessons (basic 4-note-chords and their inversions)
  • 5-to-8-note-lessons (practicing different scales)
  • multi-note-lessons (patterns/progressions coming soon)
ChordBadger will create a number of lessons and check if your keystrokes match the calcutlated solution. Exercises are generated in random order - so practicing remains challenging.

Any feedback on ChordBadger is highly appreciated and will influence further development. For your comments and suggestions please use the feedback form at


Version 0.9 of ChordBadger is still beta (in development). To reduce download sizes, the beta version has some limitations and there is only a small subset of images for the sheetmusic window available.
Furthermore there is a limited number of 100 possible downloads for each beta version.

Download ChordBadger documentation (pdf)
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Download ChordBadger setup.exe - 3 MB
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Download Interval and Scale Images
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ChordBadger is donationware. If you like ChordBadger and want to encourage further development please consider a donation.